JL_Cmder Utility available for Windows 7 32 bit and Windows 7 64 bit

Updates include:
• Now works with Windows 7 and on 64bit OS.
• Fixed verbage on a couple of screens.
• Updated JavaLoader.exe.
• No functionality changes.

What is JL_Cmder useful for?

• deviceinfo – Displays information about the handheld.
• eventlog – Retrives and displays the handheld event log.
• screenshot – Takes a picture of the handheld screen. (OS 4.0.2+ required)
• wipe – Erases the handheld OS. Not really, but that is the simpleist way to explain it. After using the "wipe" command the device will be completely inoperative until the OS is reinstalled. (Error 507 will be displayed on the device)
• resettofactory – Removes the IT Policy from the device and wipes the device of personal data while leaving the OS installed and usable. (OS 4.3+ required).

Download available via the link below:
JL_Cmder_v1.9.3.zip - 151 Kb