Basic sourcemod admin commands

These are basic source mod admin commands that you need to memorize yourself with or you can issue a command through the sourcemod admin menu. Whenever you want to use a command you have to know the player name and use the source mod admin prefix "sm_" in front of the command you want to do. You will need to enable console in order to do these commands.

Enter the commands below without "quotes" into console.

sm_kick "player name" - This command will kick a player off the server.
sm_ban "steamdi or player name" "time" "reason" - This command will ban someone from the server. In "Time" you decide for how long you want to ban someone from the server. To ban someone permanently use the number 0. You can also add a reason for the ban at the end of the command.
sm_slap "player name" "amount"- This command will slap a player and take away health to a amount you set. If you just want to slap a player then leave out the amount of health you want to take away.
sm_map "map name" - This command will change the name in the server.
sm_slay "player name" - This command will slay any player in the server.
sm_say "message" - This command will allow you to say a message to everyone in the server.
sm_csay - This command will allow you to say a message in the middle of the screen to everyone in the server.
sm_chat - This command will let you chat with other admin's privately.
sm_mute "player name" - This command will allow you to mute annoying players.

Fun Commands...

sm_blind "player name" "amount" - Turns a player screen black.
sm_freeze - "player name" - Freezes a player.
sm_teleport - Teleports a player to different points in the map.
sm_drug - Turns a player sideways.
sm_burn - Puts a player in flames.
sm_timebomb - Makes a player a ticking time bomb.
sm_firebomb - turns a player into a walking fire bomb.
sm_freezebomb - turns a player into a freeze bomb.
sm_health "player name" "amount" - Give health to a player with low heath.
sm_beacon - Makes a player a beacon.
sm_noclip - Makes a player fly around the map.